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Started in 1990, the candy packs included crayons, coloring sheets of Bible stories, a John 3:16 poster suitable for coloring in the native language, small toys, four or five crayons, a whistle or balloon, and for five pieces of candy along with a statement of faith. Packaged in a zip lock bag, and candy packs have been handed out by the thousands to children in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungary, Nigeria, India, Nepal, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Beleze, Guatemala and Eskimo tribes in Alaska. The cost of making candy packs have skyrocketed because of their demand with Caleb producing approximately 10,000 candy packs each year.

On December, 2019, over 60 people assembled at Westside Foursquare Church to fill the 6,000 toy packs which will reach 24 villages in re- mote areas of the Philippines in time for Easter Distribution. Each pack has four or five new crayons, a colorful kazoo, a 6 page small coloring book, plastic ornate crystal necklace with cross, a gold beaded necklace, four or five pieces of candy (shipped sepa- rately and added in The Philippines, and a toy, bracelets, stuffed animal, or other gift item, plus three sheets containing the Truth of Jesus, John 3:16, and two coloring sheets. Each year an assembling party was held each New Years Eve and frequently also in Chehalis or Vancouver on occasion.

December, 2018 Candy Packing Party

For many reasons, we of necessity cut back on many of our activities for reasons of health, absence of young volunteers, and mounting expenses in our work. An inventory of supplies on hand indicates it would be prudent to make 5000 candy packs this year rather than the customary 6000. This means each recipient church would receive a box of 200 candy packs rather than 250. As most of the churches are very small and the villages we serve similarly small, we have decided this is a reasonable road to take. Praise the Lord for His provision.

December, 2017 - Candy packing party

Big thank you to all who helped on the candy packing New Years Eve.  Caleb shipped a total of 86 boxes to over 150 villages in the Philippines in 2017 and additionally 12 boxes to Romania and 8 "M" bags to Africa..  Photos below are courtesy os Sandy Shell - who also won the ChiliCook-off on New Years' Ever. Thank you all for your participation!




November 21, 2012 - Phillipines


Our American family expresses its thankfulness by noting the joy of expressed in these wonderful pictures from Pastor Felix in the Philippines showing children enjoying our candy-packs


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September, 2012

We received photos of orphans in Ensenada, Mexico receiving candy packs including 350 toy cars. They elected to have the kids hand paint the cars......The trip was conducted by the Burien Open Door Church pastored by Brian Cho. He took about 15 youth with him and they worked for an orphanage project in Ensenada, Mexico. The candy packs were assembled at the July candy packing party at Caleb House in Burien, one of four Mexico projects this summer blessed by the candy packs!

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Candy packs being distributed in the Philippines

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Two years ago we received an invitation to include wooden in our gifts to children we call Candy packs.

We are so pleased with the gift of the little wooden toy cars handmade by men and women who belong to an organization called Toys for Gods kids. Provided without charge to Caleb ministries, we simply pick up the toys every other month and incorporate them in our candy packs.


Some Caleb volunteers devote time to making beaded bracelets and necklaces which are included in candy packs, very popular with the children! Others operate a button-making machine which produces buttons with hand-colored designs praising Jesus in Romanian, Ilocano, English or Gypsy languages. Sunday school classes are enlisted to color the patterns for the buttons. Literally thousands of such buttons have been distributed since 1990.

On New Year’s Eve the annual candy packing party took place at Westside Foursquare Church. It was the most candy packs Caleb has ever put together at one time. Over 70 volunteers made packing over 6000 packs possible! 32 boxes were shipped to the Philippians to be sent to mountain villages, cities, schools, orphanages, hospitals and everywhere in between. Small candy packing parties occur throughout the year and a second big event is planned in July each summer.

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We invite you to help as well.  If you love working with a needle and would like to help these disadvantaged children in a very tangible way - please click here for information on volunteering.

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Candy Packs
A touch from caring Christian strangers.  See the faces of the children who receive your gifts.

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