2020 - India Summer Program of Sea Coast Ministries Barna Boss

Truth Ministry India headed up by Barna Boss has set a challenging program for the summer 2020. Feeding programs for the poor, evangelisms and baptisms, teaching formats and conferences for all ages fill their schedule. Sea Coast Ministries will be put to the test to complete all their programs this summer!

One of Calebs’ earliest partners in India was the Sea Coast Ministry of Barna Boss called Truth Ministries. Since 1996, our partners in ministry have reached out many miles from their home base on the East Coast of India at West Godavi. Of all the affiliates, this one has never missed filing a quarterly report of their activities, expansions, teachings, and new outreaches, giving us a clear picture of what is working effectively in their region. Emphasizing evangelism in street meetings, they address the “china Virus” as it is known there, and suggest safe hygiene and care to not get sick. Open air meetings are spacious and not crowded, held once a week. Gospel meetings are in many small villages, bringing new converts. Hindus and RSS and bajarang attack teachers and leaders but they persist in their mission for Christ!


In January, 2019 SAM PRABHAKARA, Director of TFC: BANGELORE, INDIA, Reports the following results from their fall campaign of youth evangelism:
Bangalore Chapter Teens Salvations: In the 35 chapters, they received 5,050 teens of which 205 made the decision to receive Christ as their savior!
Ministries/special events pursued last month (prayer sessions, fasting, etc.):

Saturday Prayer held in August, 2018, and it has been continuing and total attendance is 70 teens in our area Saturday prayer meeting going regularly with fasting.
And in Devanahalli 47; In Avathi 36; and Sulibele 25; In Chikkaballapura15; In H. Cross 12
God moves through the lives of teens so that every teen is blessed. We are continuing our Fast-ing Praying on every Friday. We as a family get together for morning devotion regularly & we continue doing Bible study. (Note: This is precisely the direction Caleb Ministry encourages in India!) God may move through us, strengthen us and help us all the time to fight for his king-dom. We praise the Lord that our ministry is going very well by the grace of God. Also please pray for our ministry in India, TFC work. Our life, family, ministry, all teens, and all our and all our needs. Please pray that God may help us to extend our ministry in more districts of Karnataka state and to reach more teenagers.

2018 - Caleb Affiliates Evangelizing in India

Team leader Sam Sabu led evangelism of 300 neighboring Ullamparru villagers during April crusades. Resulting baptisms are shown right. India is very difficult presently as the new government opposes openly all faiths other than Hinduism. Evangelizing in public can get people arrested and even sent to prison, yet this church on the Eastern Coast of Andreha Pradesch continues reaching out to the unsaved. The church requested $425 to complete a water boring project to provide water for irrigation, household use, and surface water for surrounding villages. After trying four times to send the funds, we recently were successful and the funds have arrived. The S. Barna Boss Ministry has been affiliated with Caleb for seven years now, never missing filing of quarterly reports of their work in reaching hidden people groups, as we have requested of all affiliates. Barna Boss constitutes the hub of 400 church congregations.



Gospel Preacher is but one of many Caleb partners fighting back against new reforms undertaken by the new anti-west administration in India. In November, the government “Demonitized” all forms of currency in higher denominations. It would be equivalent to US treasury declaring anything higher than a $20 bill worthless, including funds in financial institutions. Our affiliates have resorted to barter and to spontaneous meetings as the government only protects Buddahism and Hinduism. Pray for the families and churches of Vishakhap Grace Ministries. Seacoast Miniostries and Pastor John Navarapu, Pastor Rao BB and Reverend Sambabu, Refuge of Christ, Eli Ministry, Plm of Christ, Colonial Orphanage, Pastors Ani and Dana Kumar at Faithway Indiam Philip Kuldeep Evangelism and Love India, Mercy By Grace– Mahadra and Nimala Rao and their 40 pastors,Remote Tribal Missions of Rao Alappudi, Reverend Ramesh Rao, David The King mission of David Kamaluka among the Lepers, the 89 Pastors of Sea Coast Ministries, and Brother Chinea. They are making a difference on the front lines in these days of persecution! Most often we receive their reports by Skype or e-mail.



The Spiritual battle continues to rage in India as the new National Government is enacting protectionist laws to preserve Hindu as the only recognized religion on the sub-continent. Pastor Hermon Raju reports using street evangelism in evening hours when police are not patrolling as an effective tool. Western pastors are reporting arrests, detainment and deportation for conducting public services, not permitted except by Indians.



2014  - Due to the high cost of shipping to the Indian Subcontinent, Caleb's work with affiliates in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan is to encourage programs based upon the local resources of the affiliate churches. Through the Internet, Skype video conferencing, and other means of correspondence, we have kept  a high degree of coordination of activities with our brothers and sisters in this area of the world.

When a church affiliates with Caleb Ministry,  it agrees to sponsor at least one Caleb Outreach program each six months.  As our affiliation statement states, Wishing to foster the Spirit of The Word of God, Caleb Ministries extends encouragement to like-minded ministries throughout the World, encouraging the undertaking of programs which reach otherwise hidden peoples who otherwise do not have access to evangelism, ministry, or basic necessities of life. The Caleb Good News Ministries seeks to affiliate with Bible believing, born again, churched, and spirit-filled believers desiring to serve others, without reward or personal recognition.  Recognizing that true Faith is a relationship with Jesus and a Belief in the truths of The Word of God, we invite those bodies of believers of like-mind to affiliate with our ministry in reaching others that none be left behind!”. The churches of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan have realized this goal magnificently.  Here are a few examples of their programs, undertaken with credit given to Jesus alone, the author and finisher of our faith!

    Smyrna Church Ministries, Nawalparasi, Lumbini Nepal has commenced Bible Training school of two year program modeled on the Caleb curriculum and program employed in Candon City and in Santa Maria, The Philippines. With 12 students in each section, they will produce 24 servants each year to be sent out as preachers, evangelists, and teachers, to grow, develop, train, equip, mobilize and send the committed called up youths from different backgrounds for new generations. The goal is that by 2015  144 holy spirit oriented people will be produced. The program is funded by donors so that students are admitted solely based up qualifications and not financial means.

    Pastor Samuel of INDIAN BRANCH church has started an orphanage or childrens home having 40 children. NAME OF PROJECT ; LITTLE HEART PROJECT

NAME OF CHILDREN S HOME : "JERRY RIESS CHILDREN S HOME " (We discourage placing our name on any project and have asked this be corrected to give praise solely to Jesus)

    Pastor George John in Pakistan: Samoos Bible Care Ministries Pakistan (SBCMP) Activities are: Crusades, Healing Meetings, Revival Meetings, Leadership Seminars, Women Prayer Meeting, Widows Care, Orphans Care Sunday School, Outreach Evangelism, Free Bibles Distribution and helping natural disaster effected people.

    A Pakistani church we cannot identify due to the danger posed them should they be publicly exposed, reports as follows: First of all we have good news to tell you that 3 Muslim people and 2 hindu people have found Jesus as their personal Lord & Savior in a result when I prayed the prayer of salvation with them. I have been leading these people in teaching them for last few weeks. God is good that He answer our prayers, we worshiped Him and prayed to Him the prayer of protection before we left for the Friday Outreach. It was wonderful opportunity to do this outreach successfully and in God’s protection. We always are very thankful to you for your prayers with us. People that we visit are always happy to see us that we teach them from God’s word that they never heard before. They are responding us well and that they are interested to learn more. God has put His love among them so this is the result of your prayers for us. You are such blessings to us.We had 13 visits to hindu families and shared with them things from God’s word individually which they received with great joy. They served us tea and we took some time in praying for their requests and for some sick people. There was good time of discussion of things with them on Bible the True Word of God teaches us to only worship God. We saw hindu people pray to several other gods and go to temples and worship idols. They told us they are learning very new things and that they are leaving their false gods and obey true God. We hired a tv and dvd player and showed a Jesus movie to about 24 people. They have asked we purchase a TV and DVD player for their use.

Pakistani Hindu Pastor makes visit to Hindus


India Praise Report - Jerry Riess Orphan Report
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Your donations add a helping hand...



Caleb Pastor Cornelius at Grace
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Indian Pastor Emanuel Lodge
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2010 - Update from Pastor Cornelius, Grace Ministries
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 Greetings from Sea Coast, India  - April 29, 2009

A letter received by Pastor Jerry Riess,

Greetings in the Lord’s name to you, your members and to your family also. Brother, How is your health?  We are always praying for your good health.  I am happy I have sent photos, have you seen or not?  Once again I am sending you the photos and please see them.  Out of 20, I have given only 16 bicycles as one of the persons was affected by electric shock and three others could not come due to weakness. We have pastors meeting this week and I am going to give the bicycles to them that day. The Lord says Blessed are those who hunger and trust for righteousness for they will be filled and this verse spoken by the Lord.  So however we are put to troubles, we are not to be afraid of and we will enter into the Kingdom of Lord though suffering,  For example, Paul.  When he was Saul and he massacred people and he was not confused humiliated.  But after he became Paul he changed many, many people through his service.  He,  like Jesus, came to save the people. He was tried, beaten and even they even tried to kill him.  Many conspired against him.  If we take all these things into consideration, that we are the children of God and we are launching everything in Lord’s name - all is under God's grace.  Whatever work is entrusted to us can be fulfilled and we shall do it.  I am planning to launch a programme of vocational college. Its name is fixed to be C. B. Vocational College through which spoken English can be taught and also Bible training.  We consider this important as it is  approved by God and hope through you we will develop. Please extend your genuine help and I trust that you are the sponsor in future.  If there is anything at all which you can send.  May I be forgiven and I am in family troubles and render your help to relieve me.  Please help me, and my family as I am your ministry’s partner.  Have mercy upon me.  I am imploring you.  Thank you.  Awaiting your kind reply

                                                          Your Brother in Christ
Pastor N. John


Pastor Madhava and his wife distributing Rice for Food for Hopeless, homeless and hungry. They seek your prayers for all to grow in Jesus. 
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March 14, 2009 Update

These photos are just in from MERCY AND GRACE missions in India, a Caleb partner. We are collecting funds to send to purchase BIBLES ($2.50 ea purchased there in quantity) and to buy rice and blankets. Also, we want to buy more bicycles for new Pastors at Seacoast Ministries in India. In Romania the Caleb partners have finished remodeling dormitories and dining rooms in two hospitals and are fundraising to but better food for the patients in the mental hospital, children's hospital and handicapped hospitals.  In Africa, the Bible College has moved to better accommodations and is on course to graduate 50 more pastors this year! In the Philippines, we are sending out 6 missionaries to Belize this April and sent one to Taiwan last month as well as expanding the mountain ministries in north Luzon Island.

Jerry Riess
& Caleb Good News Ministries


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Caleb Ministries, together with fellow ministries located in India, has been assisting widows and orphans where a recent tsunami caused tremendous damage and loss of life. Working with our partner, the Grace and Mercy Charitable Trust situated in Andraha Province on the east coast of India, Caleb sent $2,000. earmarked to purchase rice, Bibles, and blankets for 1500 widows and orphans served by the Trust. Caleb provides aid to the Grace and Mercy Charitable Trust in their evangelism efforts throughout the devastated area.  Reverend Mahadva, director of the trust, communicates weekly by Internet telephone with Caleb, coordinating programs and outreaches to the Indian people.  Together, we continue to share our mutual prayer concerns and Bible studies




The Sea Coast Ministry, located on the opposite side of India is another Caleb partner. Headed by John Namavarapu and assisted by seminary students and pastors, Sea Coast Ministry serves a rural community consisting of primarily small populations. Caleb recently sent $800. to Sea Coast for purchase of 10 bicycles to be used by evangelists for reaching the people of the outlying villages.  Caleb remains in weekly contact with Pastor Namavarapu via Internet e-mail. Caleb is also preparing Bible studies and teaching materials to further support the Seacoast Ministry.


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