Caleb Good News Ministries is a Christ-centered, charitable, non-profit organization. All of our personnel are volunteers.  We are located in Seattle, Washington.  Nearly every month donations from many sources are shipped directly to villages, orphanages and hospitals in Romania and other third world countries.  Warm clothing and shoes, nutritional supplements to the malnourished, non-perishable foods and groceries, medicines (over the counter and prescription drugs), health care supplies, toys, household supplies, blankets and sleeping bags, household goods, and tools are given freely to the many peasants, villagers, elderly, orphans, street children, homeless adults and schools. 















































Your prayers are earnestly requested for Caleb workers world wide! Daily we hear of attacks and fallen workers and orphans. Reports of floods and cyclones keep coming in from The Philippines and India and Kenya.  The situation in Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria is deteriorating daily and violence has erupted along with flooding in parts of The Philippines.  Our attention is on helping the orphanages and camps still accepting children.

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Letter from Caleb's director...

The Caleb Family appears to be moving on to newer and better service each passing day. Unlike most ministries, Caleb Donations are similar in amount and source each year since 2010. The work with affiliates worldwide through internet teachings, forums, and discussion groups have vastly improved as we highlight forms of missions being invoked each six months, as required of our affiliates. Ministry to street people, bringing in orphans, visiting prisoners, and rebuilding villages vandalized by terrorism attacks. Financial help s ent by Romanian affiliates to aid the work in Nigeria from Boko Haran attacks shows a maturity in Christ that blesses me. Another local church in Seattle has just asked if they can contribute Christian books and good clothes for our ministry overseas. Responses to needs expressed by affiliates gives great comfort that we are doing good service to Christians well beyond what we expected thirty-two years ago. Jesus is Alive and Well. Thank you all for your prayers, support and help!

Caleb House Update

Caleb has shipped 278 boxes to The Philippines in 2022. Half were food and rice; half contained clothing, medical supplies, school supplies, theological book treasures, and household goods. 634 boxes shipped  in 2021.  506 boxes were shipped in 2020.   In 2020, we provided grants to overseas affiliates for food and family funeral services of Caleb workers of $18,305.59.  Caleb issued increased grants of $21,680.95 in 2021, primarily for rice and food for elderly and orphans in Africa and The Philippines.

Want to help?  Join the packing party the last Friday of each month, Caleb House, 10 AM. A good opportunity for people who work most weekdays to participate in packing. We  can always use donations of white rice, canned meats or fish, grains, and school supplies for the children.  WE NEED CLOTHING, LINENS AND HOUSE WARES TO PACK.

We are set up now  for small work parties to come and help during the month so that donations are processed and do not deteriorate before being sorted and packed. This also takes the burden off the end-of-the-month gathering. We can now receive donations and handle packing parties. If you wish to come and pack during the month before then in groups of two or three,  please call to schedule.

To donate using any major credit card, simply click on the donate button below.  It will take you to PayPal where you can choose to either use your PayPal account or select "pay by major credit card." Please identify your gift is in support of this project by typing "Video" in the memo.

The latest book on Caleb Ministry, "Joy Comes In The Morning Along The Chorba Trail" is now available at Caleb House or online from Amazon Books, at Barnes and Noble and other book stores.

Jerry Brian Riess


Thinking of volunteering
Your helping hands are always welcome,
 and always needed! 

Every  month volunteers pack and ship materials to the far corners of the world:  Malawi, Kenya, the Philippines and to Caleb Church at Partos, Romania.  Volunteers doing great good - Having GREAT fun! 

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Caleb has been asked for the following items by churches and/or villages:
· Medications—over-the- counter medications/half used medicines
  (call Jerry Riess at 206 242 4264 to verify usefulness).
· Clothing—Linens, cloth, light weight summer clothing, shoes
  (especially flip-flops), winter clothing, & larger sized clothing.
· Romania is seeking heavier clothing and donations of food items to minister
  to the poor in south Serbia.
· Baby blankets & quilts
· Food—rice, beans, Spam, canned meats of any kind.
  Velveeta cheese, canned cocoa, and powdered milk
· Musical Instruments (small)—accordions, harmonicas, violins, keyboards, etc.
· Hygiene items—tooth-brushes, travel-sized scented soaps, shampoo,
  toothpaste, and bandages Bibles—and books on scripture, study Bibles.

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Affiliate Program
Affiliate Application


Caleb Affiliate Program

Wishing to foster the Spirit of The Word of God, Caleb Ministries extends encouragement to like-minded ministries throughout the World, encouraging the undertaking of programs which reach otherwise hidden peoples who do not have access to evangelism, ministry, or basic necessities of life. The Caleb Good News Ministries seeks to affiliate with Bible believing, born again, churched, and spirit-filled believers desiring to serve others, without reward or personal recognition.  Recognizing that true Faith is a relationship with Jesus and a belief in the truths of The Word of God, we invite those bodies of believers of like-mind to affiliate with our ministry in reaching others that none be left behind!  

Affiliate Reports:  



Sea Coast




Newest Caleb Affiliate - Liberia!
Our newest affiliate is “International Disciple Training Academy"

Situated between The Gold Coast (Cote’ d’Nore), and Sierra Leone, The International Disciple Training Center has completed application to become the 18th African Caleb training Center. With 48 churches, they have proudly established outdoor billboards across their country, proclaiming how they are linked to Caleb Ministry of “Burien USA." In their own words, “Covenant kingdom apostolic family greetings from us, your extension family of Liberia. We are indeed honored and grateful to have heard from you with those powerful encouraging words, indeed, that is now covenant kingdom family duties to encourage each other especially in times like these when the world is going the wrong direction instead of the direction of Christ, thanks thanks and thanks a million for such an incredible and wonderful encouragement words in Jesus name, amen (Romans 8:28 and Psalms 133:1-3 and Hebrews 10:25) “

    Caleb also assists many ministries throughout
the world - meet just one...

The Bible Foundation, a nonprofit corporation out of Oregon has chosen Caleb ministries to receive Bibles and Bible texts. The Foundation encourages people to donate books and Bibles that are not being used in order to redistribute them to those in need. We receive boxes of Bibles from them several times a month and sort through to decide where to send them. The Bibles come in various languages; some are study Bibles and others are children's. Through the generosity of this wonderful ministry we have been able to send literally hundreds of Bibles to seminaries, Bible colleges, churches, villages, and individuals. Through the use of M-bags media mailing privileges at the post office, we have shipped bags to Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Québec, Romania, Moldova, and the Philippines


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Caleb continues to sponsor monthly free medical clinics in Nigeria, Togo, The Cameroons, and The Philippines, along with  continuing our daily and monthly clinics in Petrosani, Braila and Bucharest, Romania. Our affiliates now extend to Liberia, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, The Philippines, Belize, Honduras, Thailand, Malaysia and Maramar (Burma).  Local Services and goods are provided by Caleb Ministries to Light Under the Bridge street ministry, The Cross Church, House of Mercy and other programs.

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